Saudi Arabia Lit up with Large Outdoor LED Screen & Displays

Written by:admin Time:2015-03-10
TS LED has wrapped up the installation of a 88 sq. m outdoor LED Screen & Display again in Saudi Arabia, and feel proud to present state-of-the-art development---with 5.12m*3.84m, 4*4=16cabinets, total 2sets, 5.12m*4.8m, 4*5=20 cabinets, total 2sets large outdoor led screen & display.

TS LED based LED screen & display can be used to display extra quality images and renders them clear, sharp and visible even in daylight.


Saudi Arabia is a country Mediterranean tropical desert climate. It is characterized by significant fluctuations in temperature, with temperatures +50C in summer. This is very challenging environmental condition for electronic equipment to function. TS LED’s outdoor led screen & display have been proven to be perfect in a number of tests under the most extreme conditions.

outdoor led screen


Also, a large outdoor LED display screen can be spectacular, particularly at night. At night a large outdoor led display can go from looking great all the way to stunning. When an outdoor display is implemented correctly, it could even become a landmark. TS LED’s Outdoor LED Screen & Displays are ideal for heavy duty 24/7 operation in the harshest of outdoor usages. These screens are extremely useful for preventing eye dazzle under bright sunlight and reflect optimize image visibility.