2022 multi-function portable fashion LED advertising backpack

Written by:admin Time:2022-08-10

Introduce:Led backpack is a new product. Led backpack can display text, pictures and Animation videos. It can also be widely used in various industries. It is absolutely cool to have it. Generally speaking, the advertising schoolbag has a simple and simple shape and a modern geometric beauty. The backpack shell is made of high-strength material and is integrally formed at high temperature. Can upload text, picture, video and text independently.

  1.Simple straight-line modeling, modern geometric beauty 

  2. The backpack shell is made of high-strength materials and formed at high temperature 

  3. You can upload text, pictures, animation and display your favorite content.

  4. It is made of upgraded fabric and can protect the contents of the bag 360 degrees.

  5. The honeycomb cooling back pad makes the air flow freely and allows you to travel easily.


  1.Spacing: 2 mm
  2 pixel dots: width 96 * height 128
  3. Display size: 192 mm * 256 mm overall size: 198 mm * 275 mm thickness: 7 mm     

  4. Scanning mode: 32 / S                                                        

  5. Content support: text, pictures, animation and video    

  6. 4G wireless communication               

  7. Platform management: group or single independent management, the system supports remote upgrade               

  8. The maximum error of GPS positioning track is not more than 15 m      

  9. Step counting function      

  10. The on-site WiFi is used to form the track effect when there is no GPS signal indoors.           

  11. Regional transmission: the largest area is the country and the smallest area is the county or district. It only needs to be received by the equipment in the checked map. Other equipment not in this area at that time do not need to receive this program when entering this area.           

  12. Anti cheating function