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Digital Signage Display By Features

  1. Digital Signage Display as a new favorite of outdoor display advertising media in the future, is an outdoor media. It is an LED billboard placed outdoors.
  2. It is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education systems, stations, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, securities markets, construction markets, auction houses, industrial enterprise management, and other public places.

3. Functions of the Digital Signage Display:

  • Information release function
  • Video broadcast function


Digital Signage Display Series

The application fields of digital signage display are very wide, such as commercial advertising display, retail digital signage display, transportation sign, LED Video Wall, and LED Poster

Advertising LED Screen

Traditional Advertising billboards have gradually faded out of everyone’s vision, and been replaced by new advertising LED screens.

LED screen not only attract the public’s vision with their bright colors but also with their smart video experience, while led screens are used in the Advertising media industry.

advertising led billboard

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Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage Display.
Outdoor portable and waterproof outdoor display.
Outdoor digital advertising LED screens.
WIFI or 4G control.
App and software for Mobile phone and computer.

LED Billboard Truck

Mobile led billboard truck manufacturer for sale.
Can use for Advertising rental.
Lower cost with the high rate of return.
Remote cloud platform control, convenient and fast.

LED Display Signage for advertising, and digital commercial signage.
Outdoor super brightness with waterproof

retail digital signage display

More and more retail stores use LED Digital Signage Display. Such as jewelry store, jewelry shop, clothing shop, a watch shop, luggage store chain stores, etc.Very much clearer and beautiful display products to consumers, dynamic video conspicuous, the effect is obvious.

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Application of LED Digital Signage Display

LED Digital signage can satisfy the placement of commercial advertisements, Also can show information and goods, and provide consumers with more information. For merchants, LED digital signage can make the display of goods and services more visual, and can improve the quality of goods and services. Intuitive Visibility of Services.

  • Digital Display Screen For Advertising

    Digital LED Display screen is an emerging dynamic information dissemination system, in which LED advertising machines can publish commercial advertisements, financial news and entertainment information through terminal devices such as display screens.

  • Digital Signage Display TV

    The effect of LED digital signage dynamic advertising is similar to TV advertisements and web advertisements, but it is highly targeted, flexible and diverse, and the content is on demand. Advertising benefits.Like outdoor and indoor for home and office.

  • Signage LED Digital Display Board

    New media concept, Signage LED Dightal Display Board as a representative of terminal display, relying on the integration of network and multimedia technology, releases and processes information in the form of media.

Outdoor Digital Display Board

With the gradual implementation of “new infrastructure”, in the future, with the support of 5G, AI and other technologies, Outdoor Digital Display Board will continue to be used in the construction of smart cities, smart transportation, etc., creating new application scenarios for smart life empowerment.

Outdoor Digital Display Board
LED Digital Signs Outdoor

LED Digital Signs Outdoor

LED Digital Signs Outdoor frequently appears in shopping malls, shopping centers, companies, parks, etc. We have already become accustomed to watching this kind of digital publicity and display.

In fact, LED Digital Signs Outdoor uses its own characteristics to display the traditional static advertising through video, audio, text, pictures and other ways to achieve better results.

LED Digital Sign Indoor

With the development trend of digital information technology, digital signage has come into life and started the promotion and display of digital information in today’s digital information normalization.

Such as hospital signs, subways, stations, government affairs centers,Retail store. . .All adopt this variable LED Digital signs.

LED Digital Sign Indoor

Automatic Import of Advanced For Production and Inspection Equipment

SMT LED machine
SCREW LED machine

Our company has 12pcs Panasonic SMT placement machines, 3pcs printing machines, 3pcs automatic board loading machines, 2 pcs brightness testers, 2pcs glue filling machines, and 12pcs screwing machines.

3sets Fully automatic SMT lines, Automatic glue filling air drying line 6 meters for vertical Digital Signage Display.

LED module gluing machine
Automatic Glue Machine

In order to ensure the consistency and flatness of the product, the ultra-high-precision automatic glue filling machine equipment selected by our company can most accurately control the amount of glue, the ratio of A and B glue and the precise walking track, and will not drop the glue. Falling on the surface of LED lamps.

P3 LED MODULE screwing maching
Screw Machine

Our company adopts the air-blowing screw machine, which has obvious advantages in speed and efficiency. On the head of the electric screwdriver, a gasket tool is used to press the surface of the Outdoor Digital Display Board to achieve pressing first and then punching. The Digital Signage Display produced in this way The flatness is the best.

Give You The Most Reasonable Digital signal LED Display Solution

led sign board
Focus on LED Digital Signage Display For 14 Years

Outdoor and Indoor Digital Signage LED Display Module Manufacturer In China



Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


What is  Digital Signage Display Price?

What is the size of the LED Digital Signage Display?

The size of the Display area directly determines the price of the LED Digital Signage Display to the greatest extent.

So First need tell us the full size and display area size.Like The length and width,or Height,If it is a special screen, you also need to know such as diameter, radius, arc length, thickness, etc.

This is the Price for the body of LED Digital Signage Display.

How Can you Fixed and Install?

How to fix and install determines the price of construction and steel structure.

For example, wall-mounted installation, floor-mounted installation, hoisting, embedded installation, bracket installation, etc., the installation methods are different, and the cost of construction and materials is also different.

How Can You Control the Digital Signage LED Display?

Depending on the site environment and application requirements, the price of the controller is different. For conventional needs, network cables, WIFI, and USB can meet the needs. If the distance is relatively long, or centralized remote control is required, 4G modules, optical fibers, and servers are required. For transmission or remote control, the cost will be higher correspondingly.

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