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  • Over 14 years of experience
  • Self-developed, designed and produced LED modules
  •  Front Service LED Cross Screen
  • Products are exported to Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland
  • Green Paint Pharmacy LED Cross Display
  • High Brightness – Engry Saving
  • 3 years warranty

Pharmacy LED Cross Sign By Features

As a TOP 3 powerful factory in the field of cross LED Displays, Tw has developed, designed, and molded dozens of 10 special front maintenance modules for LED cross screens, leading the LED cross screen industry to a higher level and making pharmacy LED displays more stable. It is more convenient to operate and use, and maintenance is more time-saving and simpler. Achieving standardization and mass production will make the price of pharmacy LED displays more advantageous.

Application of Pharmacy LED Cross-Sign

  1. Standard product, easy installation, simple editing content, modular splicing, single module failure does not affect the display of other modules, high brightness, bright and colorful picture, support for various videos, pictures, text, and other characteristics,
  2. pharmacy-cross LED screen is widely used in various pharmacies, hospitals, churches, and private residences. The cross is the symbol of Jesus today, representing love and redemption.
  3. The led pharmacy cross sign can be used to display cross animation, date, time, pharmacy name, temperature, and humidity, and the specific brightness can be automatically adapted and adjusted. 
  4. Through the wired and wireless WIFI connection control of mobile phones or computers, it has advanced APP and software to edit and store the program and content and send it to the LED pharmacy cross sign.
  5. HD Cross LED display is popular for Cruze LED shops and Cruz de pharmacies.


TS LED CROSS DISPLAY is sold all over the world and has many chain drugstore and LED signage system integrator customers. Especially in Italy, Spain, Rome, Greece, Ireland, France, Morocco, and other countries, there are many pharmacy LED displays made by TS.

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Pharmacy LED Cross Sign Series

Professional Pharmacy LED Cross Sign manufacturer & supplier In China

pharmacy led sign board

Information function transmission and video broadcast function of Large Pharmacy LED Sign Boards to a large extent improve the work efficiency of the advertising industry. We also have blue LED cross.

pharmacy led cross

The outdoor Pharmacy LED Cross screen Green color adopts high-end, advanced raw materials and an exquisite external double sides design, which is waterproof, durable, and programmable. Also can make Red LED cross and RGB full color LED sign.

pharmacy cross led

The LED cross display screen can be used for church publicity. The appearance of the cross itself is the shape of the cross and the existence of the church. It can show the progress and advancement of the LED industry design.

green cross led sign

The Pharmacy Green Cross LED Sign is divided into full color and monochrome, and the single green is only one of them. It has high brightness, high definition, waterproof, durable, and other functions, which is convenient for buyers to operate and use.

led pharmacy cross sign

Play a role in setting off the atmosphere. Through the LED Pharmacy Cross Sign, the welcome speeches of superior leaders and various VIPs visiting and guiding, and the celebration speeches of various major festivals, etc. can be played.

green pharmacy cross led sign

The Pharmacy Green Cross LED Display a role in product promotion and attracting customers that play the role of store decoration and improve the level of the enterprise and play the role of lighting and unconventional.

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Application of Pharmacy LED Cross Sign

In recent years, with the rise of the advertising industry and the acceleration of urban beautification, professional Pharmacy cross Sign screens have become an important facility for advertising in the advertising industry.

  • led cross outdoor sign

    Outdoor Pharmacy LED Cross Sign must has high quality requirements, and needs to be windproof and dust proof, with good temperature adaptability and adapt to various types of weather.

  • outdoor green cross led sign

    The Cross LED display is connected by a Cross shaped box for quick and easy use, disassembly and maintenance. Each LED cabinet has an independent adjustable system software device.

  • outdoor led pharmacy cross sign

    Cross-type led display used in outdoor personal stores, pharmacies, pet stores, etc., installed in a hanging method, used to introduce products, features, marketing and other sales. Commonly found in pharmacies and pet stores.

  • outdoor pharmacy led cross

    The cross screen includes regular size and custom size LED display for outdoor advertising, this product is waterproof, durable and can be used as soon as the buyer receives the product power.

  • outdoor pharmacy cross led

    Cross LED screens hang on the wall to display company culture or product pictures. The outdoor cross LED display has a waterproof design with a durable face shield to protect the longevity of the product.

  • pharmacy green cross led display

    The church video board is composed of many LED video walls, including hanging, square, wall, etc. It has the advantages of wide viewing angle and high image definition, and can display product advertising and marketing.

  • outdoor pharmacy cross sign

    Cross LED displays are mainly installed around pharmacies, churches, and pet stores. It was used to advertise outside the store. There is an independent software to edit and send, which is convenient for users to use.

Pharmacy LED Sign Board

In a well-lit environment, we can increase the brightness of the LED display to avoid reflections, while some indoor lighting is average On occasions, we can turn down its brightness to reduce eye irritation, making its application very flexible, which is also a unique advantage of LED displays.

Pharmacy LED Sign Board
Pharmacy Green Cross LED Display

Pharmacy Green Cross LED Display

The LED display has the advantages of waterproof, sun protection and moisture resistance, so it can be installed outdoors and has stronger environmental adaptability, which is an advantage that other electronic displays do not have.

Pharmacy Cross Sign

In a well-lit environment, we can increase the brightness of the LED display to avoid reflections, while some indoor lighting is average On occasions, we can turn down its brightness to reduce eye irritation, making its application very flexible, which is also a unique advantage of LED displays.

Pharmacy Cross Sign

How We Control The Quality?

SMT LED machine
SCREW LED machine

1.PCB Design. The quality of PCB design directly affects the stability of the entire LED cross sign product. For example: line width, distance between components, line tube and matching degree of driving and scanning methods. . .

2.Materials.Only good raw materials can produce stable and excellent products.

3.Advanced production equipment and Production Technology.

4.Protective measures, welding temperature control, ambient temperature and electrostatic protection.

LED MODULE Color Temperature Tester
Color Temperature Tester

Color temperature refers to the change of different colors seen by the human eye under different energies of light waves. The unit is K to represent the color temperature. White or blue gives a refreshing and bright feeling.

So color temperature is very important for pharmacy LED cross sign,We have advanced color temperature testing and debugging equipment department,It can accurately test and give debugging data to meet the color temperature required by customers.

LED MODULE Current Test Equipment
Current Test Equipment

The size of the current directly determines the heat and life of the LED lamp bead and IC. The current tester can accurately test the current of the IC pin and the LED module or Pharmacy cross LED display, and calculate the power according to the current.

How Top Shine Choose materials for Pharmacy LED Cross Sign?

Baked Enamel Cabinet

The outdoor environment is harsh for Pharmacy LED Cross Sign, we use the outdoor UV paint, which adopts the car baking paint process, which is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and not easy to rust.

High quality Printed circuit board

The LED cross adopts high-quality thick PCB board, the product has high flatness, good white balance consistency, and higher heat dissipation capacity and stability.

Cooper with Gold data connector

In order to ensure the stability of led Pharmacy LED Cross advertising systems transmission data, all connectors are made of copper gold-plated material.Long-term use of stainless, no bad contact


Using the best DIP LED lamp the color reproduction ability is strong, the brightness is high, and the dead lamp rate is low.

Top Manufacturer For Pharmacy LED Cross Sign---Top Shine

If you have Pharmacy LED Cross Sign needs, Top Shine will be your first choice, get an instant quote within 4 working hours.



Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


Top Shine your best Pharmacy LED Cross Sign supplier in China

Pharmacy LED cross sign board for Croix de Pharmacie,pharmacie,farmacia.

What is a led Pharmacy Cross display?

As a supplement to drugstores, pet stores, and personal stores, the LED cross display screen is cross-shaped, specially designed for drugstores, and displays product videos, logos, animations, and commercials through an independent software system, which is lightweight and easy to maintain. Meet the requirements of different installation environments.

How big can a Pharmacy LED Cross Sign screen be?

The Pharmacy LED Cross Sign  can be any size that you want.

Standard display area:480*480mm-768*768mm*960*960mm-1120*1120mm


What is the size of the Pharmacy led display?

In addition to providing regular size crosses, we can also customize crosses according to customer needs.

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