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Radar Speed LED Signs

Pixel Pitch P4-P5-P10
Cabinet size 640*960mm,64*1280mm,
Module size: 320*160mm
Refresh rate: 1920Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP65
Brightness: 6000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

Composition and Function of Radar Speed ​​LED Screen

The radar speed measurement feedback LED screen is composed of three parts: speed sign board, multi-lane high-precision flat panel radar and LED display.
When the vehicle enters the position about 10-200 meters in front of the radar speed feedback instrument, the LED display will display the speed of the vehicle. If there are multiple vehicles driving in this area at the same time, the LED display will display the highest speed among these vehicles. vehicle speed (the closest display mode can be selected).
Radar speed screen – LED radar speed feedback instrument for real-time detection of vehicle speed”
The radar speed measurement feedback screen system can realize the speed measurement through the dedicated multi-lane high-precision microwave radar, and provide real-time feedback of the speed of the incoming vehicle and the change of the driving speed.
The radar speed measurement feedback system can be combined with a fixed speed camera system to capture and identify speeding vehicles that do not follow the speed specified by the signs in the past, so as to prepare for punishment by law enforcement agencies.
The radar speed measurement feedback system has unique and leading technical advantages in the industry to ensure high speed measurement accuracy, stable quality and durability. The LED light shows low power consumption, long life, and high brightness. The radar adopts multi-lane high-precision speed measurement flat radar. The speed measurement error is lower than 1KM/H below 100KM/H, and the speed measurement error is lower than 2KM/H below 100KM/H; 199KM/H. Speed ​​range 1-199KM/H.

Top Shine LED Radar Speed Signs Advantage

Radar Speed Signs

Maximum detection speed: 199 km/h Prompt speed limit display mode: set the safe speed value, the green number will be displayed within the safe speed, and the red number will be displayed when the speed is exceeded. Only display the speed of oncoming vehicles, and filter out the speed interference of vehicles in the opposite direction

led radar speed sign

Speed limit LED sign with radar and camera Scope of application: urban expressways, expressways, suburban connecting lines, institutions and colleges and other road sections with limited speed, especially road sections where pedestrians and vehicles meet, curves, ramps, etc. are prone to safety accidents.

The standard screen display consists of 3 digits and 7 fields of digital words. The size of the display screen can be customized according to the design drawing, and a dual-color or full-color LED display screen can be selected. Drivers with normal eyesight can recognize the display content at a distance of 150m under non-speeding conditions; the LED color-changing speed can be set;

1) Power: maximum 3W, current less than 0.25A
2) Internal speed measurement accuracy: 0.1km/h
3) Antenna type: panel antenna
4) Lens Type: Accurate Ground Reflection
5) Polarity: positive cycle
6) Beam width: 5.5 degrees
7) Radar frequency k-band (24G)
8) Detectable distance: 10~399m
9) Response time: 10ms
10) Output power: 15W LED display:

The basic steps of the radar speed LED Sign system work:

(1) The vehicle enters the detection area of ​​the radar;
(2) Microwave radar detects the speed of the vehicle;
(3) The display controller controls the LED display to display the speed of the vehicle;
(4) If multiple vehicle speeds are detected, the highest speed will be displayed;
(5) If the detected vehicle speed is lower than the speed limit, the green display will be used to detect the vehicle speed
(6) If the detected vehicle speed is greater than the speed limit, the detected vehicle speed will be displayed in red;

How do radar speed signs work with camera?

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