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Rental LED Screen By Features

The LED rental screen can display the images of the camera or other video equipment on the large screen in real time, vividly and synchronously.

Due to the fast installation and disassembly of the rental screen, it is widely used in many fields.

1. Exhibition industry.

The rental screen can display product information and company information comprehensively and clearly

2. Stage entertainment industry.

Due to the uncertainty of the location of the performing arts industry, rental screens can quickly follow the location of the performing arts for rapid stage construction, which is convenient, flexible, and low-cost.

3. TV broadcasting industry



4. Wedding industry

5. Cultural travel industry


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Rental LED Screen Series

Outdoor and Indoor Rental LED screen For events,wendding,backdrop,stages,dancefloor…

rental ed screen

The Led display screen can be quickly disassembled and assembled. It is mainly used in the wedding stage, concert stage, theatrical evening stage and other places, and is mainly used as the electronic background of the large screen on the stage. A medium by which information is displayed on a display screen.

Outdoor Led Screen Rental

The future development of outdoor Led display rental screen will be more closely spaced, the application field will also be popular, the screen development will be more thin, the patent protection development will be more standardized.

LED dance floor

The target users of Led Dance Floor Rental are those who use the stage rental screen to display their own projects.


Led Screen Backdrop Wedding

Led screen background wedding is used to show the scene and dynamics of the wedding. It can capture the beautiful moments of new people. With the huge LED screen, the perfect effect can be achieved.

led displays for stage

The LED screen of the leased stage is movable. Dismantling the screen can facilitate the use of customers who need to move the stage screen for performance. It can add to the stage effect.

led screens for events

Led video wall rental can adopt seamless connection, and can be designed into various special shapes. LED wall display can perfectly display various high demand video effects. The product has many advantages, such as light weight, high brightness, high light transmittance, low power consumption, and fine appearance.

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Application of Rental LED screen

LED rental screens are widely used in hotels, schools, stages, TV stations, song and dance evening parties, various press conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-functional halls, conference rooms, performance halls, disco bars, nightclubs, High-end entertainment disco, TV Spring Festival Gala, important cultural activities in various provinces and cities, etc.

  • The use of large-sized unit boards reduces the assembly gap of the entire screen and improves the flatness of the product. At the same time, the receiving system is effectively used to reduce the product cost without losing the high refresh rate.

  • The all-aluminum cabinet is die-casting,  it makes the installation, disassembly and handling of the display more convenient and fast, and also greatly saves storage space for customers. The cost of flight boxes and subsequent storage and handling costs;

  • Professional hoisting and assembly structure design, reduce the trouble of user screen assembly and disassembly, shorten the time and improve work efficiency;

  • The use of high-quality raw materials, combined with our superior R&D technology and production technology, makes the display performance better and the performance more stable

  • By optimizing the design of the box structure, we can present customers with a simple and high-end product image that complements the exquisitely arranged stage.

  • Through the humanized power supply and signal indicator lights, it is convenient to monitor the operation status of the screen body in real time, and to adjust quickly in case of failure.

Hard Connection

Front and back service with Hard connection Rental LED Screen.

1.No cable Connection

2.Multi angle hinge

3.Cabinet with corner protection

4.Full view mask

Hard Connection LED Screen
Dance Floor LED Screen

Dance Floor LED Screen

LED Screen for underground dance floor.

1.Inductive interactive display.

2.2 tons carrying capacity.

3.Seamless splicing, showing smooth, natural

LED Wall Rental

1.Giant led wall rental

2.LED wall rental cost and price

3.TOP 10 LED wall screen rental manufacturer

LED Wall Rental

How to choose a rental LED screen manufacturer? What can TS give you?

led video wall production
led module machine

In principle, LED WALL manufacturers are selected from the following aspects, the manufacturer’s scale and production capacity, the rationality and convenience of product design, price and after-sales service.

TS will continue to uphold the belief of “relying on professional technology, developing advanced equipment, and maintaining high-level professional services”

Commitment: Efficient service makes you feel at ease, advanced equipment makes you feel at ease, and low charges make you feel at ease.

“Your satisfaction is our goal”, the company adheres to the working attitude of being honest and doing things, and the professionalism of striving for perfection. We hope that with our joint efforts, every cooperation can be a complete success!

Vibration Test Machine
Simulate transport shock

The rental LED display has been transported to different rental sites for many times for a long time, so the anti-shock requirement is very important for the rental LED display. TS simulates the vibration of vehicle transportation through the vibration test.

Automatic sealing drying machine
Automatic sealing and drying

The 10 layers 6meters automatic drying equipment, after the sealing is completed, will automatically move into the drying equipment. During the moving period, there will be a vibration effect, the glue will flow faster and more uniformly, and the surface of the rental LED display module will be smoother.

4 Key materials for TS Rental LED Screen

LED Lamp

LED lamp with copper wire or gold wire are used. Each batch of LED lamp is put into use after passing the secondary aging and charging test.

Thicken Welding Surface of PCB Design

In the process of high-frequency installation and disassembly, it is easy to cause collisions of LED lamp. Using a PCB with a strengthened soldering surface can greatly reduce the risk of  LED lamp being knocked off.

V0 Fire Rated Material

To ensure the safety of the rental site, it is necessary to use fireproof materials. TS’s rental LED screens are all made of high-temperature-resistant V0 waterproof materials.Like PCB, case, connector, IC, and LED lamp .

Pure Copper Metal Connector

In order to ensure the stability of the signal transmission of the rental LED display, without black screen or flickering due to poor contact, TS uses gold-plated copper 16PIN signal connector and 4PIN power connector,

events led display
The Most Stable Rental LED Screen Manufacturer

Make rental LED screen more easy!

Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


One Stop Supply for Rental LED display Screen And Installation Equipments.

What is the cost for 1 sqm rental led screen?

There are many different types and configurations of rental LED displays, such as different pixel pitches and raw material brands, which will affect the price. The price of conventional indoor and outdoor rental LED screens is generally around 500-600 USD per square meter. The quality is very good and the pixels are very good. The cost of a high rental screen is about 1000-1500 USD per square meter.

Is the rental LED screen easy to install? How to install it?

Rental LED screens are generally divided into two installation methods, one is floor installation, and the other is hoisting. TS specially designed and produced installation fixing and hoisting parts for rental screens. Installation and disassembly are very easy and fast.

Do you also sell truss and girder?

Yes,We are a one-stop supply, helping customers to solve and purchase all LED display screens and peripheral installation accessories.

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