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Transparent LED Screen By Features

Led transparent screens are mainly used for large buildings and commercial spaces such as office buildings, convention centers, airports, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, hotels, theaters and other commercial network complexes. The effect is more visually layered and impactful. As well as the application of LED transparent screens in digital signage panels outside large shopping malls and glass window displays inside shopping malls. There is also a large stage effect display. We can get the effect we want by using led transparent screen.


Features of led transparent screen


  1. Does not take up space and is light in weight.
  2. No steel frame structure is required, saving a lot of installation and maintenance costs. Directly fixed on the glass curtain wall
  3. Unique display effect because the display background is transparent.
  4. Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption.
  5. High refresh rate: LED transparent screen products are made of high-brush IC, so that the screen is as high-definition as the video without fluctuations.


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Transparent LED Screen Series

The high transmittance ensures the lighting requirements of lighting structures such as glass and windows, and ensures the original lighting and perspective function of the glass curtain wall.

outdoor transparent led display (1)

Outdoor LED transparent screens are popular in the fields of stage art, shopping mall windows, building glass curtain walls, and store outdoor advertising applications for their lightness and transparency, high-end atmosphere of technology and cool display effects.

indoor transparent led display

Indoor LED transparent screens are widely used in large shopping malls, chain store stores, glass windows,elevator handrail, Jewelry Store, Clothing Store,Shoe Store,Watch Store, Diamond Store,more vivid video advertisements, making the storefront cool and attracting attention.

transparent car rear window led display

Transparent display, does not affect the driver’s viewing of the rearview mirror, DC12V vehicle power supply, 4G cloud platform to manage the advertisements of the program, Taxi rear window advertising LED screen with ultra-thin, ultra-light, and fast installation.

transparent led poster

The transparent screen with high light transmission can see the rear view of the LED screen through the dazzling product dynamic video, which strengthens the customer’s brand experience and shopping experience

led screen mesh

LED mesh screens rely on low wind resistance, transparent field of view and light weight etc.Widely used in advertising screen environment with strong wind and Glass curtain wall of building.

led screen curtain

The LED curtain screen not only has the effect of the conventional LED display screen, but also does not affect the viewing field of the window. It is a new technology advertising equipment for the media industry and stores.

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Application of LED Transparent Display

Market application prospects: automobile 4S stores, mobile phone stores, jewelry stores, brand apparel stores, sports brand stores, catering brand chain stores, brand convenience chain stores, various exhibitions, dance performances, etc., in a large number of application scenarios, The appearance of thin, transparent and cool LED transparent screen.

Glass LED Screen

All types of glasses with led screen , can be transparent

60%-85% transference

Ultra-thin transparent glass screen

Amazing video effects

Outdoor Transparent LED Display

Outdoor Transparent LED Display

Waterproof level: IP65

40%-65% transference

Strong wind resistance

Advertising Transparent LED screen

Flexible Transparent LED Screen

70%-90% Transference

Adhesive transparent display

Film LED Display module Craft

Any size can be cut

Flexible Transparent LED Screen

Guarantee the Quality At The Source

SMT LED machine
SCREW LED machine

Long-term program, quality first.

We have a strong design team, from the rationality of the LED transparent screen design at the forefront of the industry, the selection and testing of raw materials, to the self-screw production, we put the quality and stability of the product in the first place from the beginning to the end.

Today’squality, tomorrow’smarket.

In this fast-paced era, ingenuity is a kind of faith worth pursuing.

Responsibility is the assurance of quality, and quality is the life of corporation.

LED production Machine
New SMT Equipment

The company uses a brand-new new Korean Samsung S2 placement machine, which has high speed, high precision and high stability, and can ensure long-term stable operation of the product.

LED module reflow soldering
Automatic Welding machine

The company uses brand-new welding equipment with 10 temperature zones and infrared constant temperature welding to ensure that all LEDs and components are heated evenly and welded firmly。


Chow Tai Sang Jewelry Store
Chow Tai Sang Jewelry Store
Rainbow Shopping Center
Rainbow Shopping Center
Australia transparent led display
An electronic city in Australia
transparent display
You Deserve a LED Transparent Screen

Different transparent screens, different exciting



Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


Top Shine is a Top transparent led screen factory

What is the weight of 1 square meter?

We have different types of transparent led screens, like outdoor and indoor, and mesh or glass.

Indoor usually 14KGS for 1 square meter, outdoor usually 25KGS per square meter.

How Can I Install transparent LED Screen?

We have installation drawings and videos, and can also guide the installation remotely, saving costs and not worrying about installation problems。

How much is a transparent led screen price?

Indoor transparent led screen with normal brightness price about 450USD/SQM

Outdoor price about:1200USD/SQM

Which voltage to use?

There have power supply inside the transparent led screen ,the power supply output is 5V, input can support 110V-220V.

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