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Retail Digital Signage Solution

How to design a retail store LED Display Screen?

If a retail store wants to obtain good profits, the number of customers entering the store is the key. In addition to brand benefits and advertisements, consumers have the first impression of the decoration and appearance of the store. Therefore, the decoration inside and outside the store is very important. Using LED display decoration shop can make you stand out from many shops,

1. Exterior LED Screen Design

External LED displays are roughly divided into two categories: long strip store sign LED displays, advertising poster LED displays,

2. LED Wall Display Design

The visual effect and traffic flow of the LED Video Wall are very good. It can display product videos to impress buyers and make them purchase.

3. LED Window Design

Most retail stores have glass windows, allowing customers to see the products in the store from the outside. LED transparent screens are installed on the glass windows to form animated glass, which is full of technology and does not block the line of sight. It is a must-have display for retail stores. Artifact.

4. Shelf LED display design

The shelf LED display can display promotional information, real-time prices, and batch management, and the software can be changed at will.


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Best Digital Signage For Retail

Top Shine is a Top LED Display Manufacturer For Retail Store.

Straight Strip LED Screen

The straight strip LED screen is mainly around the top of the retail store or on the glass, the height is generally 16cm, and the longest length can reach more than 500 meters.

Curved LED Display

The flexible LED display can meet the desired shape of the retail store and can be perfectly fitted and installed according to the existing decorative shape of the retail store.

Circular LED Screen

Circular 360-degree displays with different diameters can be customized for various inner and outer ring LED displays, and also can be a logo sign of the retail store.

Transparent Glass LED Screen

The transparent glass LED screen can not only replace the traditional glass, but also can be used as a display screen to play video advertising information.

Retail TV LED Screen

TV LED Screen has Vibrant colors and high brightness. LCD screens and splicing screens cannot be achieved.The cost of customized size is also much less than LCD.

retail digital led screen
Smart LED Poster Display

Play designated promotional information and posters at regular intervals, and remotely and centrally control and manage the LED display content of multiple retail stores.

Wrap Corners LED Display

We have an LED display with a 45-degree tilt angle, which can create an L-shaped 90-degree corner display and connect several horizontal and vertical surfaces, LED displays can be installed on all sides of retail store pillars.

retail store led screen

The LED poster screen can be installed at the main entrance and exit of the retail store. There are many installation methods,  it can be installed on the wall or glass of the retail store, or it can be installed in a floor-standing mobile manner.

retail led display

LED poster screens can support video animation, pictures, and text. You can quickly change and switch content and new promotional information of retail stores through the mobile APP,4G cloud, or laptop.

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Application of Retail Digital Signage Display

LED Display can be made according to the needs of the retail store.

  • Clothing Store LED Displays
    Clothing Store LED Displays

    Clothing stores install different types of LED displays, which can play different roles, such as: shop sign display, wall strip display, pillar poster display etc.

  • Cosmetic Retail LED Displays
    Cosmetic Retail LED Displays

    Makeup Store LED display can display cosmetics and the charming effect after makeup more beautifully, as well as the promotion of posters and the display of product videos.

  • Shoe Store LED Displays
    Shoe Store LED Displays

    Ensure each spectator at the location will not miss every highlight of the live broadcast of the event. high refresh rate and high color reproduction, which can truly synchronize battlefield conditions.

  • Shelf LED Display
    Shelf LED Display

    Shelf LED display with remote information release system can facilitate unified management and editing of prices, videos, and advertising information.

  • Retail Storefront Digital Signage
    Retail Storefront Digital Signage

    The storefront LED display can attract customers to the greatest extent, displaying various promotional information and brand new products.

  • Retail Ticker LED display

    Retail tickers led display can Improve Your Customer’s Experience.Can show logo,advertising,promotion. Can make different shape according to the decoration of the store and the condition of the wall.

Retail Shop LED Display


1.Attract attention

2.Advertising effect

3.Quickly change content

4.high-end shopping experience

Retail Shop LED Display
Retail Store LED Display

Retail Store LED Display


1.Shaped display

2.Advertising Display

3.Signage display

4.Brand building

Retail Shelf Signage

LED Shelf Signage Functions:

1.Product showcase

2.Price and promotion information display

3.Strong video impact effect

4.Quickly update information anytime, anywhere

Advanced manufacturing equipment to ensure product production process and quality

LED module manipulator

TS a comprehensive high-tech enterprise with strong strength, integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. The company has gathered a vigorous high-tech professional technical team, who are brave in innovation and hard work, and are committed to leading the trend of the LED display industry.

Since its establishment, the company has continuously explored and innovated in the process of production and operation, and has accumulated rich experience in production and quality management. Relying on the advantages of advanced production equipment, recruiting senior talents and technical elites in the industry, combined with its own “realistic, enterprising, innovative, honest” business philosophy, and rigorous attitude towards product excellence, it has become a comprehensive manufacturer of LED display screens. The products have been exported to countries and regions in North America, Europe and the Middle East, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Canada and other countries, and have established offices in major cities across the country We have established offices, agents, and special distribution offices, and strive to create a good platform to manufacture better high-end products and provide better services for consumers.

Aging Test
Aging Test

All retail store LED displays go through 3 testing procedures and 2 aging procedures, testing after SMT, testing before LED module aging, and testing before shipment. First, LED modules are aged for 48 hours, and then assembled into a complete screen , and then after 48 hours of aging, the inspection is qualified and the shipment is made.

Trial installation and debugging

All retail digital signage display are simulated and installed on site in the factory, and the LED display control system is set and debugged according to the arrangement on site, and can be used after the on-site installation is completed.

How Design a LED Digital Signage for Retail Stores?

retail digital led sign

The budget determines which products to choose when designing. If the budget is sufficient, the products can be more diversified.

retail digital signage display
Visual Effects Design

TS has a strong design team, which can use the most economical products to create first-class visual effects according to the location, direction and shape of the store.

retail store led display
Design Drawing

In the early stage, according to the size of the store and related structural information, Drawing with CAD to determine the retail led screen specific area according to the size of the LED board.

retail led sign
Installation Drawing

Make installation drawings, wiring drawings, power distribution drawings, etc. according to the load-bearing structure on site.

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Quanlity control And Test Equipment

Top Shine test equipment


If you have any questions, Please  consult TS.

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How to change and editing the content?

We have a synchronous system and an asynchronous system. The synchronous system performs real-time playback directly on the computer, and the asynchronous system edits and uploads program content through software or mobile APP, which is easy to understand.

What if the LED display is broken? how can you guarantee?

We will give free spare parts,like led module,power supply,control card and cables, and then there will be videos to teach you how to replace them, and then the replaced bad parts can be returned to the factory for repair.

Can you remotely assist us to install and use it?

We can teach customers how to use it through remote video calls and remote online debugging.

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